WordPress and SEO Tips

In 1996 I launched my first website using Geocities and I cranked out over 500 commercial websites before hanging up my web design business cards in 2014. Now I'm just building for my own projects and doing some consulting. I'm going to share what I learned in the last 18 years here in specifically random articles. Cheers Everyone - Regards, Mal … [Read More...]

Ramsey NJ Dentist

Nu Smile Dental Website

I just did an upgrade to the Nu Smile Dental website. It’s for a Ramsey NJ Dentist who’s taken care of me and my kids for around 7 years. I used the Elegant Themes Divi which is my latest “go to” WordPress theme. After 6 years professionally building WordPress websites i can say without hesitation […]

Avada Theme Showcase

Avada Theme Showcase

I’ve built hundreds of sites with StudioPress themes. Dozens of sites with Elegant Themes. And around 20 using ThemeForest Themes. And now I’m going to implement the biggest selling theme of all time from the ThemeForest line… Avada. With almost 70,000 sales they must be all over the blogsphere. But they’ve been reluctant to maintain […]

White House website

WhiteHouse.gov has 44 Validation Errors

Wow. I was just filling out a survey that was sent to me by the White House webmaster. So I took a look at the White House website and got hit with a mighty blow. When the White House website is run through the “validator” to check how well the code is written they have […]


Changing Nameservers

I’ve got a new 5 minute Youtube video that I made to walk you through changing nameservers. I used Godaddy.com and HostGator.com but you can use any registrar and any hosting company. Check with your company to see the specifics you need to know about changing your nameservers.  

Can You Afford 90% Off For a Custom Website?

Some of the “Big Box” web design places charge between $10,000 and $32,000 for a custom website. Web Design Workplace charges $1,000 for a 10 page professional website that outperforms the Big Box site in many ways. Our designs are very attractive. Sine we use WordPress, our sites rank quickly on on major Search Engines. […]

What’s a favicon?

How do I make a favicon or just get one for free? A favicon is the tiny 16px by 16 px image that appears on the left most side of your browser’s address bar. It was originally named for the phrase “favorite icon” when bookmarking became the rage. Now it’s part of the standard practices […]

The Best WordPress Designs I’ve Ever Seen

I’ve personally built over 350 websites and I got hooked on WordPress in 2008. I had seen blogs or weblogs since they were invented, but in 2008 I stumbled on a site that was designed by Brian Gardner and it changed my game. There are a number of reasons why I do 4 out of […]

Another New Portfolio Site

I just did a new online web portfolio based on a Flash template that I paid for, and I had a full range of comments from: “that’s the best portfolio site I’ve ever seen” [from a professional SEO] no comment on how professional it looked but got an “you’re an excellent photographer” [from a lead […]

SEO Big Game

I recently spent 30 hours designing and building a site for a client who was in a business genre that was ripe for SEO domination. None of the other top sites in the entire genre were optimized. There wasn’t a single decent SEO working any of the top 10 sites. This was like stumbling into […]

The Mighty AllInTitle Google Advanced Operator

One way SEO’s gauge the competition for a particular keyword phrase is to use the Google advanced operator allintitle. I called this post “The Mighty AllInTitle” because in our SEO bag of tricks and tools, this is one of my favorite power tools. AllInTitle tells us how many pages that Google is aware of that […]