Another New Portfolio Site

I just did a new online web portfolio based on a Flash template that I paid for, and I had a full range of comments from:

  • “that’s the best portfolio site I’ve ever seen” [from a professional SEO]
  • no comment on how professional it looked but got an “you’re an excellent photographer” [from a lead web designer]
  • “it looks like an amateur job all the way down to your color selection, I’d expect this from a grade school kid” [from a world class sports artist]
  • “nice – can you hook me up with one of those” [from another web designer / SEO who makes 3 new websites a week]

That’s about as widely distributed a set of comments I’ve had on anything I’ve done creatively in a while. I think it’s a stunning portfolio design to look at and the pictures are some of the best I’ve ever seen of NYC, but the message it’s trying to convey is lacking. I’m opting to nuke it and go with the recommendations of the sports artist. With all the years he’s been cranking out high end professional sites – 7 as a full timer.. I’ve got to go with his “look up while I giveyou this gut punch” analysis.  I can take it. You never learn unless you can crumble your design up and start over every once in a while.

I’m always looking at portfolio sites on the internet to get ideas. Here are a handful I’ve been to lately that were especially attractive:


  • Gmail
  • Yahoo Mail

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