Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Web Design WorkPlace owner Mal Milligan has achieved hundreds of Google #1 rankings and thousands of Google Top 10 rankings. All using pure white hat Google recommended techniques. The big box vendors simply can’t compete with this level of service. They don’t want to either. The big names in legal marketing will take your money and spend 5% to 7% of that total on your link development program. Web Design WorkPlace will spend at least 33% of your total on your program. Sometimes 50% depending on where we are in your campaign.

We Could Talk All Day About SEO

We were there building websites in 1996. And as each new feature was added to the internet and to web design theory, we tried it out and got it to work. SEO evolved from primitive beginnings to a very complex and sophisticated system in place today. And Web Design WorkPlace is on top of the game. It’s an expansive subject but the basics are that there are things we can do to a web page to make it more attractive to Google or Yahoo and Bing. That’s what we refer to as “on page” SEO. Then there are other things we can do that are refered to as “off page” SEO. Link building and comment dropping are some of the practices in that category. So with the on page and off page SEO together, we can get individual web pages to rank higher for particular search phrases. Being in a #1 position on a search engine results page can be lucrative. The #1 ranked web page can get up to 40% of the clicks and the #2 ranked result can get from 8 to 20% of the clicks. All the top 10 entries on the first results page get clicks. Being on the first page of search engine results puts you in the scoring zone. Everyone gets clicks on the first page.

SEO is Good

The fictitious character Gordon Gekko said “greed is good”. Well we’re not so sure about his rationale, but what we are sure about is that “SEO is good”. Google has Webmaster Guidelines where we can see exactly how they want us to structure a web page to make it rank better for a particular search phrase. We follow those rules because Web Design WorkPlace is a totally white hat SEO firm. We have to admit, we were a little more like Gordon Gekko 10 years ago as SEO was evolving. In the old days, SEO’s tried all kinds of tricks to see if it would have an impact on ranking. Some were more “grey area” than others. But that all ended when Google made it clear to SEO’s what they expected and from then on, it was an easy path to follow and we got better results staying true to Google’s Guidelines. There is no need to break or even bend the rules anymore. So in the SEO business, the best white hat companies also spent time wearing the other hat. As SEO evolved, the Gordon Gekko’s of SEO all got beat. Our advice to you is this… your interests will be better served sticking to the Google Webmaster Guidelines. That’s what we do, and it works because SEO is good.


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