Built with WordPress

Built with WordPress

I started building attorney websites on WordPress years before any of the big box legal marketing firms. And there are dozens of reasons why. In good conscience, like a Doctor who is trying to do the right thing for a patient, I just can’t recommend old style HTML sites anymore.  WordPress websites from Web Design WorkPlace look stunning, they give clients control over their own content, and they rank fast because Google loves WordPress. They are supported by an active community of world class experts who take security and functionality very seriously.

You Can’t Tell It’s WordPress

Web Design WorkPlace can convert any website you’ve ever seen into WordPress and you won’t be able to tell the difference. It can look like anything you’ve ever seen on the internet or anything you’ve imagined. There are a lot of styles that are standard such as the “blog” style. That style has blog pages that act as articles on the home page and it may have a sidebar on the right or left sides… or both. Some people think all WordPress websites have to look like the original “blog style”. Not true. We’ve used WordPress to make hundreds of individual and unique looking websites.

WordPress Gives You Control of Your Content

With old style HTML sites you needed a programmer to change any of the content. Then you had to use an FTP program to upload the new changes up to the server. Who wants to do that? The person who wants to do that obviously is the person charging you money for every change like that. It’s a waste of time going back and forth with a programmer as well. WordPress lets you add / change / or delete content by logging in, editing the page or post, and clicking the “publish” button. It’s as easy as that – literally.

WordPress Ranks Better on Google

The structure of a WordPress website is exactly what Google likes to see. Many of the pages are interlinked and there are easy to follow pathways for Google and other search engine spiders to follow. WordPress websites make it easy to alert Google when new pages are added. And they work with Google Analytics flawlessly to exchange data between your hosting company and your website and Google. Google loves WordPress and they usually show their love with PageRank.


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