Law Firm Websites

Law Firm Websites

Our 16 years of web design experience gives us technical depth and a focus that can’t be matched by the larger legal marketing providers. Remember the big brand companies all started out as book publishers. They only switched to building websites when they faced extinction because their business model didn’t work. We started out making websites and getting them ranking on Google and Yahoo when the internet and search engines were in their infant stages. And building websites and getting them ranking is all we’ve ever done.

We’ve worked with hundreds of law firms and lawyers over the years.

After building websites since 1996, Web Design WorkPlace now only sells law firm websites. We decided to stay exclusively in this genre because we stood out from the rest of the field in the legal marketplace.

The Big Box legal marketing providers are book publishers.

The “Big Box” vendors in the legal marketplace became giants in book publishing long before computers took over. They made their own “legal directories” and sold them to attorneys who used them mostly for business to business. And those companies have struggled to stay alive as the books and directories they published became obsolete with old data even before their pages were printed. So they started to phase in building websites. Web Design WorkPlace started building websites right from the beginning and we don’t have thousands of employees left over from the publishing years generating huge overhead costs. Those huge overhead costs at big name legal marketing companies are transferred directly to you – the client – when you buy a website from them.

Do you want to pay their sales person’s salary on top of buying a website and SEO package?

In most cases their salespeople are on commission or even full commission which means they only care about selling you the highest dollar amount they can. They have a laundry list as long as your arm when it comes to what they call “up sells” or added services that they will try to push on you that you may or may not need. That’s what commissioned sales people do. Web Design WorkPlace has a lot more integrity than they every will. We won’t nickle and dime you on anything ever. We make our money providing the best possible products and services for a select group of distinguished clients. We are proud of our customer satisfaction level. We have 100% client retention on 2nd year support contracts. A figure the big box providers will only dream about.

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