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Just finished another non-profit site last night… the Diablo Rod and Gun Club based in Concord California. This non-profit has over 1,500 active members and being Californians… Northern Californians in fact, having 1,500 members means 1,500 different opinions. I’m hoping to get more positive reviews than negative… and we’re off to a good start with all positive reviews in early commenting. I was fortunate to be contacted by the group’s web coordinator – for a project this large there has to be a dedicated and patient project manager on the NPO side.

Diablo was trying to build a new site from scratch after loosing their last site. They needed to ask lots and lots of questions and they looked at web design firms that offered prices between $200 and $10,000. Unfortunately none of them was able to spend much time answering the questions. Many of them actually could not answer web design questions – lol. So to work with Web Design WorkPlace was a perfect fit. We answer any and all questions.

There were almost a hundred previous newsletters that we wanted to incorporate into the site and there were 15 different areas. I offered a number of layouts and the club picked the StudioPress BackCountry Theme as a base. It took around 80 hours from the initial email to getting the project launched so starting with a solid Theme and the Genesis Framework for WordPress, it saved a lot of time.

We used NextGen Galleries for the photos with the CoolIIris slideshow feature. LiveShare is the parent company that makes the CoollIris feature used by NextGen and they are really pushing the boundaries with photo sharing and web experience… check out this video:


Here is what their main photo page looks like with a big NextGen Gallery…

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And when you click the link “View with PicLens” you get into the CoolIris slideshow that is really popular for WordPress websites. This slideshow automatically re-sizes images on the fly and it can be set to go full screen to make a real crowd pleaser.

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Besides this main photo gallery we are building 15 additional galleries for the different activities the club has. The site launched with around 100 photos but it might grow to thousands. This is a great website and it was fun working with their great Project Manager Matt.


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