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Our client Martin Colin LLC just climbed to a #2 ranking for a very competitive attorney phrase. We have to congratulate Bill Martin especially for the great job he’s done with the content. Nothing tricky about this ranking… he earned it by making a lot of excellent content.

Google is looking for certain indicators or “signals” to help them rank web pages. Their goal is to provide the best quality search engine results to users. So when a website in a very competitive genre gets to the top 10 or the top 3, they are doing a lot of things right.

WordPress helps attorneys get higher rankings on Google

WordPress does a lot of things that Google recommends and that old style HTML sites don’t do very well. One of those things is interior linking or getting your pages linked together internally in an intelligent way. WordPress also makes it easy for attorneys to add their own content. This is so important in today’s laundry list of items that Google is looking for in terms of positive signals.

Building a Law Firm Website Correctly is Half the Battle

The big box vendors will tell you that the website costs as much as a new automobile because they sell links from or or as part of their package. Well you don’t have to drop a fortune buying links from the big box vendors to have a great site that ranks well – or in this case better than the more expensive competition. It’s because the “on page” SEO factors that Web Design WorkPlace can build for you are more than half the battle to good rankings.  And the content is even more critical in today’s ranking environment. Do the big box vendors links help the clients that buy links from them? Yes to a degree… but not as much as before. Google looks first at the on page factors and then on the external factors like links to rank sites.

Remember these words of SEO Wisdom from Web Design WorkPlace founder Mal Milligan

“If you build it correctly, the Google Spiders will come.”





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