WordPress Project Management

WordPress Project Management

Having been a Senior Technical Officer at the World Headquarters of 3 Wall Street Investment Banks, I’ve managed dozens of high visibility projects. If you want to implement a WordPress solution, I can work with your team from Senior Management to the operations people in your data center to make it happen for your firm.

Are you considering converting your firm’s website to WordPress? I can provide you with a pros vs cons white paper to help you evaluate your options and make an informed decision. Along with a detailed SEO analysis. As an independent consultant, I can give you an unbiased objective viewpoint to compare with other professional opinions.

Putting together a WordPress solution requires a handful of different skills. From the project design to the artwork to the programming code and the physical hosting and security… I can wear all the hats. But I can also work with your staff in any or all of these areas to bring out their best contribution. If we need to bring in the best in the world in any area – chances are I might know them personally, or I’d know of their reputation and their work.

Get the best of both worlds by leveraging the knowledge base you have at your firm and using an experienced WordPress consultant to drive your HTML to WordPress conversion professionally.

Take a look at these big companies (including CNN, eBay, New York Times, Harvard.edu, UPS, etc. ) and ask yourself if you want what they’ve got… http://www.matmon.com/resource-blog/website-design/ten-companies-and-sites-using-wordpress/


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