Responsive WordPress Themes and Why You Need Them

Just when you thought technology was standing still for a minute… it was improving all along. And the latest improvement to WordPress is responsive technology. We can now design a website so it automatically reshapes itself to fit on a handheld or a tablet or any sized display automatically. It does not just make itself look like it’s under a magnifying glass or something like that… it divides into blocks and lines up vertically on a handheld screen.

Do you need responsive? Yeah. You need this. More and more people surf the web with handhelds and tablets every day. Having a website that automatically detects them and reshapes the site to conform perfectly to their environment just makes sense. It costs more to build this way but in the long run it’s worth it. This is the future of WordPress web design.

The first responsive design I ever used was Bill Erickson’s “Driskill” which is based on the StudioPress Genesis Framework.

To see what responsive is… go to Bill’s demo site and grab the theme by the lower right corner and drag it to the left. See how the different design elements center themselves on the available browser width as you make it smaller until they eventually wrap under each other in a programmed order to make sense for the user?

I’m partial to StudioPress Genesis because they have in my professional opinion the best technical staff and technical support. Although there are many great companies out there now like Elegant Themes and Woo Themes and dozens of great companies on ThemeForest which are all top shelf and World Class. StudioPress has continued to roll out more and more responsive themes since Driskill, and Elegant Themes genius design guru Nick Roach converted 10 of his Elegant Themes to responsive:


Here is a link to all 10 of Elegant Themes responsive themes

You can see 17 StudioPress Genesis Themes that are all responsive using their theme chooser here:

And here is the ultimate link dealing with responsive design today… you can test any site in cyberspace by going to this StudioPress page and enter it’s URL:

That will allow you to see exactly what the theme looks like at various screen sizes. Brilliant. Typical for StudioPress but nevertheless simply brilliant.

Now if you have not seen enough here is a well researched article highlighting the best WordPress Themes of 2012 and I’m surprised at how many I’ve already used… check this out if you need a little eye candy:

So if I was to recommend a responsive theme I can tell you I’ve rolled out projects with these themes and been happy with the support and the very professional results:

StudioPress Driskill by Bill Erickson

StudioPress Legacy by Wes Staham

StudioPress Agency – a stock Genesis theme

StudioPress Streamline – stock Genesis

And you want to see 13 pages of mind blowing responsive WordPress designs on ThemeForest? Check this out:





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