Mal Milligan – Founder and Owner of Web Design WorkPlace

25 years of professional Information Technology so far – after serving in the US Navy Submarine Service. Previous positions include Senior Technical Officer, Assistant Vice President, Supervisor of Local Area Network Operations, Web Designer, Web Developer and Content Specialist. Companies include the World Headquarters of Smith Barney, Citibank World HQ, JP Morgan / Chase World HQ, and AIG (AI Credit) World HQ – all based in New York City, and the Hertz World HQ based in Park Ridge NJ. Residing in Ramsey New Jersey since 1967, I’m a proud single father of 2 beautiful kids who enjoy Aikido, figure skating, hockey, swimming, and reading – not in that order !! I graduated from Ramapo State College of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Information Systems. I’ve also earned 2 Certificate Degrees in Web Design at Bergen Community College in Paramus NJ. My other certs are: Master Certified Netware Engineer and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. Here are a couple pictures of me… the first is a picture of from February 2010 enjoying the New Jersey snow in my front yard after shoveling for 6 hours because of a broken snow blower, the next is an artistic photo of me standing on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River in 2005 with Midtown Manhattan in the background.

How New Jersey Web Design WorkPlace got started

I founded Web Design Workplace in 2001 as a New Jersey and Metro NYC consulting firm focused on custom web design, 24×7 reliability anywhere in the world, and search engine optimization (SEO). WDWP started out as an early adopter of affiliate marketing, and we moved into websites for non-profits and business. SEO has always been hand in hand with every project we’ve ever launched – which is over 500 commercial websites so far. In 2008 we switched from selling HTML based websites to selling WordPress websites and we never looked back. The same year we started using Studio Press Premium Themes for WordPress and could not be happier with their style, functionality, and their support. In 2010 we started rolling out custom designs from one of the best WordPress web artists in the world today. And in 2011 we started building out Woo Themes and Theme Forest products.

What makes our websites the BEST?

  • Experience: Since 2001 we’ve built and hosted over 500 individual commercial production websites using PhotoShop / Dreamweaver / Project Seven / HTML / XHTML / PHP / MySql / WordPress / StudioPress, Woo, and Theme Forest Premium WP Themes. I formerly held key Officer positions in 6 World Headquarters of Fortune 100 companies based in NYC or Norther New Jersey. All that experience goes into every new project we launch.
  • Our Team: We draw from a pool of world class web designers and code mechanics that are consummate professionals and friends that we have worked with over many years. This is a premier web design consulting group headed by me (Mal Milligan) and world class consultants are brought into each project as necessary to form the perfect professional team for your particular needs.
  • Our Clients: This is a boutique shop with a varied but distinctly select clientele. Our Portfolio of sites represents a group of great companies and distinguished individuals.
  • About Web Design WorkPlace Standards? Every website is built on the same standards of technical perfection and elegant design, and of course Search is built into with every page from top to bottom. Our service is never less than the best available in the world today.
  • Our Level of Expertise: I can answer any questions you have regarding web design, search engine optimization, the internet, and how to create stronger branding while generating more revenue through internet marketing.

Additional Offerings and Terms

  • All prices and services are negotiable.
  • Additional hours are always available at $50 per hour.
  • We will never “nickle and dime” you on anything including hosting. We have had relationships with many of the top hosting companies in the world for more than 20 years.
  • Please check our FAQs Page for the latest details of our service add-ons and general policies.

Our Website Guarantee

We guarantee that we will try to the best of our ability to create a beautiful looking site that works absolutely perfectly as designed. We will fix any problems within 24 hours of finding them. We will always work for you as 100% professionals with care and respectful consideration.