Medical Website Designs I like

Here are some medical website designs I found on that look great and they have lots of satisfied purchasers. They all run on WordPress which gives them 2 huge advantages.

1.) The content can easily be updated by medical office staff or Doctors themselves.
2.) Since they run on WordPress, they will rank well on Google with a minimum of extra SEO work. WordPress sites (don’t forget to sort on sales) This will give you a list of choices

Care +




Medical Plus





Sonata Materials Website

Sonata Materials Website

I built the Sonata Materials website using a StudioPress Genesis 2.0 framework and an Agency Theme. There are about 10 pages and a dozen cool stock and custom photos used in the site. And of course it’s build on WordPress to take advantage of the many available features. The management team at Sonata might want to add a blog section to the site in the future and building it on WP will allow them to do that instantly when they’re ready.

I used a LayerSlider for the homepage but I might switch it to a StudioPress responsive slider at some point in the future. The Layerslider has a ton of optional transitions that we might use later although at launch we are just using the fades.

201 Real Estate Photography website

Bergen County Real Estate Photographer

This is a visually stunning site with HDR photography and top shelf royalty free images used throughout. Built on a WordPress website using the Invictus Theme which I bought on Wow – it looks great. It’s full responsive of course and it’s formatted properly on any device.

It usually takes me around 40 hours to build a commercial website but this one took 90 minutes. I thought about this one for about 3 months before building it and I had all the images easily at hand. There are only 2 pages on the website so far including the homepage and the contact form.

I’ll be replacing this site probably with a StudioPress Genesis 2.0 Metro Pro Theme with a lot of real content. I will probably use a Revolution slider on the new custom build although I’ve used a lot of Layersliders lately. The Revolution goes to full screen now so it’s great for full screen galleries like Invictus has built into the homepage. But the Metro Pro will handle content a little better for my future needs. has 44 Validation Errors

Wow. I was just filling out a survey that was sent to me by the White House webmaster. So I took a look at the White House website and got hit with a mighty blow. When the White House website is run through the “validator” to check how well the code is written they have a whopping 44 ERRORS and 9 WARNINGS. They’ve unfortunately disregarded professional standards when it comes to web design.

White House website validation errors

White House website validation errors

My site Web Design WorkPlace has an experimental HTML 5 slider running on top of a world class StudioPress Genesis framework – which runs on HTML 4 still. So I have a hand full of validation errors due to the Ken Burns slider being a newer language of the HTML website language. But my site is not representing the entire population of the United States. And I can replace my slider or wait until Genesis is upgraded to HTML 5.

When you have a showcase production website like the White House, it has to be bullet-proof. One way to ensure that it’s bullet-proof is to clear all those validation errors one by one after you build the site.

The White House developer is too lax – not on their toes – and it’s a tad bit embarrassing. It’s sloppy. It’s not professional. It might be an indication that the White House website does not display properly across all current browsers. In any case it should be remedied immediately.

White House website

White House website

When I was at the Smith Barney World HQ in Manhattan, if a consultant did sloppy work that was found out, they were escorted to the front door right then and that was it. On Wall Street it was purely performance based. No one cared what you looked like or where you came from as long as you did the job right. In the US Navy they had ways of “developing character” in the submarine service. Like washing dishes for 18 hours a day until you were ready for game time and professional level work. I’m not sure how they enhance the level of professionalism at the White House but I’d suggest they figure it out fast. For the staff at the White House to represent the people of the United States with shoddy work in front of the whole world is not up to our level of our expectations.


New Non-Profit Website

I just launched a new website for a friend of mine – Ray Burkhard. He’s organizing the Woods and Meadows Division I Homeowner’s Association in Poulsbo Washington.

  • This site is built on WordPress using a StudioPress Genesis Serenity Theme.
  • It features Google Calendar integration on the homepage as well as on it’s own full width page.
  • I’m using NextGen for the photo galleries.
  • Another Gravity Forms rollout as well for their contact form.
  • He’s hosting it on his own Hostgator plan – I think he’s using a “Baby” or a “Hatchling” for this one.
woods and meadows homeowner's association

woods and meadows homeowner’s association

Click on the image to open the website up on it’s own page.


New Website Options

So you need a new website and you need to know what your options are. They basically fit into 3 categories.

To summarize: you have to decide if you are going to spend 10 grand and up to have an old style HTML site built, 2 grand and up for a WordPress site to be built, and 100 bucks and up for you to build your own WordPress site.

Here are all your website options in outline form. You can:

1.) Hire a company to build your site using old style HTML. Costs are generally $10,000 and up.

  • This is an expensive solution. Although there is a huge amount of information available to help you learn how to be an HTML programmer, it can take years working at it full time to start to get good at it. The learning curve is usually considered prohibitive unless you want to make it a career. You can buy a pre-made HTML website “template” to help build the site, but that cuts down on the custom programming by about 30% at best. When done correctly, HTML websites can look stunning artistically, and very professional.
  • You are tied to that companies programmer for life. Old style HTML has standards, but they are applied in wildly different ways by every single programmer.
  • When you end your relationship with one programmer you have to find another programmer and they invariably won’t like the code written by the previous person. So it will cost you a lot to get the new person to take over, they might have to “fix” big sections of the code to make it more like their style.
  • When you want to add, change, or delete a page, you have to pay your programmer to do it. Unless you learn the HTML programming language to the extent that you can do it yourself which is usually doubtful. The programmer controls the content, even if you want to change a single punctuation mark.
  • For the life of that website, every time you need a new feature it has to be custom created for you by an HTML programmer. If you ever want to change the “look and feel” of the website that’s a major overhaul process where every single web page is completely rewritten.

2.) Hire a company to built your site using WordPress.  Costs are generally $2,000 and up.

  • This is a moderately priced solution. WordPress itself is free and since it’s “open source”, there are a hand full of ways to get free support and free information about it. There are dozens of books and magazines available on every WordPress subject from building it to just using it. The learning curve to learn how to build WordPress is moderate and it can be taken on as a hobby. When done correctly, WordPress can look stunning artistically, and very professional.
  • WordPress is modular and very standardized so there is a lot less unique code written. In some cases a website can be made with no unique code so that it works without major modifications right out of the box.
  • You are less likely to have code written by one WordPress programmer that is impossible to figure out by the next WordPress programmer. So in general there is a much easier transition from one WordPress technician to the next.
  • In many cases you can add, change, and delete pages by yourself with no programming knowledge. WordPress gives control of the content to the user. Sometimes the content is written using HTML programming tags which makes it hard for users to use, but many times the website can be built so users can add content completely by themselves.
  • There are over 10,000 features available for free or a small charge that work as “plugins” to WordPress. You can change the entire look and feel of the website by changing just the “Theme”, because the content is stored in a database away from the actual code needed for the website structure.

3.) DIY or Do It Yourself websites.

  • This can be an inexpensive solution.  Costs are generally $100 and up (because you need to pay for hosting).
  • Most hosting companies offer a DIY solution for 5 to 10 dollars extra a month. Almost all of these websites look amateurish when they are completed. Even if you build one correctly, their style marks them and marks you as being “cheap” or “non-professional” or “mom and pop level”.
  • WordPress can be considered a DIY solution with a moderate learning curve for both building websites and maintaining the content. Most hosting companies have an automatic tool you can use to install a WordPress website. Using WordPress is definitely DIY as the main concept behind it’s design is to allow users with no programming knowledge to control their own content.
  • Writing your own HTML website is NOT usually considered a DIY solution.

Options for Domain Names and Hosting

If you are opting for the best most cost effective solutions for domain name registrations and website hosting, I recommend for domain name registrations and for hosting. Although GoDaddy is the best place to buy domain names, in my professional opinion their hosting is below industry standards and it’s very difficult for professionals to work with. HostGator’s hosting solutions are industry standard and their support is the best in the industry. I’ve probably used a half dozen domain name companies over the years (registrars) and I’ve used Godaddy for probably more than 2,000 domain name purchases or renewals since 2004. I’ve used at least a dozen hosting companies and I eventually moved my entire business to HostGator because I found their pricing, and their service and support was simply the best. There are links below for both GoDaddy and HostGator. Both of these links are non-affiliate links.



Non-Profit Site: Diablo

Just finished another non-profit site last night… the Diablo Rod and Gun Club based in Concord California. This non-profit has over 1,500 active members and being Californians… Northern Californians in fact, having 1,500 members means 1,500 different opinions. I’m hoping to get more positive reviews than negative… and we’re off to a good start with all positive reviews in early commenting. I was fortunate to be contacted by the group’s web coordinator – for a project this large there has to be a dedicated and patient project manager on the NPO side.

Diablo was trying to build a new site from scratch after loosing their last site. They needed to ask lots and lots of questions and they looked at web design firms that offered prices between $200 and $10,000. Unfortunately none of them was able to spend much time answering the questions. Many of them actually could not answer web design questions – lol. So to work with Web Design WorkPlace was a perfect fit. We answer any and all questions.

There were almost a hundred previous newsletters that we wanted to incorporate into the site and there were 15 different areas. I offered a number of layouts and the club picked the StudioPress BackCountry Theme as a base. It took around 80 hours from the initial email to getting the project launched so starting with a solid Theme and the Genesis Framework for WordPress, it saved a lot of time.


We used NextGen Galleries for the photos with the CoolIIris slideshow feature. LiveShare is the parent company that makes the CoollIris feature used by NextGen and they are really pushing the boundaries with photo sharing and web experience… check out this video:


Here is what their main photo page looks like with a big NextGen Gallery…


And when you click the link “View with PicLens” you get into the CoolIris slideshow that is really popular for WordPress websites. This slideshow automatically re-sizes images on the fly and it can be set to go full screen to make a real crowd pleaser.


Besides this main photo gallery we are building 15 additional galleries for the different activities the club has. The site launched with around 100 photos but it might grow to thousands. This is a great website and it was fun working with their great Project Manager Matt.


Law Firm Websites

Our 16 years of web design experience gives us technical depth and a focus that can’t be matched by the larger legal marketing providers. Remember the big brand companies all started out as book publishers. They only switched to building websites when they faced extinction because their business model didn’t work. We started out making websites and getting them ranking on Google and Yahoo when the internet and search engines were in their infant stages. And building websites and getting them ranking is all we’ve ever done.

We’ve worked with hundreds of law firms and lawyers over the years.

After building websites since 1996, Web Design WorkPlace now only sells law firm websites. We decided to stay exclusively in this genre because we stood out from the rest of the field in the legal marketplace.

The Big Box legal marketing providers are book publishers.

The “Big Box” vendors in the legal marketplace became giants in book publishing long before computers took over. They made their own “legal directories” and sold them to attorneys who used them mostly for business to business. And those companies have struggled to stay alive as the books and directories they published became obsolete with old data even before their pages were printed. So they started to phase in building websites. Web Design WorkPlace started building websites right from the beginning and we don’t have thousands of employees left over from the publishing years generating huge overhead costs. Those huge overhead costs at big name legal marketing companies are transferred directly to you – the client – when you buy a website from them.

Do you want to pay their sales person’s salary on top of buying a website and SEO package?

In most cases their salespeople are on commission or even full commission which means they only care about selling you the highest dollar amount they can. They have a laundry list as long as your arm when it comes to what they call “up sells” or added services that they will try to push on you that you may or may not need. That’s what commissioned sales people do. Web Design WorkPlace has a lot more integrity than they every will. We won’t nickle and dime you on anything ever. We make our money providing the best possible products and services for a select group of distinguished clients. We are proud of our customer satisfaction level. We have 100% client retention on 2nd year support contracts. A figure the big box providers will only dream about.

WordPress vs Old Style HTML – an Example

I’ve have a site called “Domain Star” that first went online October 9, 2004. That’s according to the Way Back Machine. It’s at So for years it was an HTML site and it did OK with Google searches but it never ranked anything except a Google PageRank 0. Here is what it looked like for the last few years:

Domain Star HTML Version

Not too bad really. I build it using Dreamweaver CS3 using one of their built in CSS templates. I got all the graphics from one of my favorite free and public domain spots: the NASA image gallery. So every page was hand tuned for SEO manually where I inserted the tags myself like old school. And I had some text on every page and some links to the site… and I used it thousands of times myself during each year to purchase and maintain way over 1200 domains that I bought through the site. But there was a nagging problem. The fat zero I always got from Google for my PR.

A couple weeks ago I built a new site for it on WordPress using a great Nick Roach Theme called Chameleon and it had an optional “roundabout” slider. Really beautiful to look at. I used the all-in-one-seo plugin to configure my SEO and I only manually configured the homepage. I even added 4 or 5 affiliate links on the sidebar for my favorite themes and hosting partners. (Not that I will ever make a penny from them – lol). Just as an experiment for some laughs. The end result…

I went to Google PageRank 1 within 24 hours.

That’s service for you. That’s one of the many powers of WordPress and that’s why I switched to building WordPress sites commercially in 2008. One of my favorite things to say in the business is that “Google Loves WordPress“. Yeah, so true. One of the biggest reasons I instantly was promoted is that the interlinking on a WP site is so good. It’s got what some in the business call “linky goodness“. Plus the site looks incredibly good. This is a top professional theme right now. Take a look here:

Domain Star WordPress Version

So my point is that WordPress is better than old style HTML for dozens of reasons but this is clearly one of the best. Google rewarded a site that had been online for 7 years with PageRank just because I converted it to WP.


Thanks WordPress !!