Web Design WorkPlace builds custom made WordPress websites with state of the art functionality, security, and artistry. We build new websites that are usually designed to replace existing sites, but we also build for new projects as well.

  • Every job is completely unique so we have to talk with you before we quote a price. An initial consultation is free.
  • For WordPress Consulting and Project Management charges are $100 per hour plus travel. Weekly rates are discounted.
  • For a custom WordPress website our charges are based on the hours of labor involved at $100 per hour, but we will additionally bill for royalty free images if you request them.
  • Custom professional websites start at $5,000 but most jobs are $10,000 and up. That is a fraction of what big box vendors charge.
  • Sites that require 24 x 7 monitoring are $10,000 and up.
  • You may provide the content or we can create some content for you on each page.
  • All pages of the website are launched with full SEO.
  • Hosting with HostGator with a dedicated IP address for your site for the first year is included with your website and it’s offered at a guaranteed rate for the second year with all WordPress maintenance updates. This covers all sites with average bandwidth requirements. Your hosting rate for the second year depends on your bandwidth.
  • Clients may have “admin” rights on their site if they want it or we can manage all the administrative tasks while you have “editor” rights to add content.
  • We can make a backup zip file for you at any time but we generally do full backups once a month. We do backups and restores on a BEST EFFORT basis but we DO NOT GUARANTEE backups. We have 25 years of experience doing backups and restores, but if you want backup guarantees you will have to purchase that from a hosting company and host on their platform. If your site gets hacked by a virus or a SQL Injection and it’s current under our Hosting and Update Service, we will do our best to restore it within 4 hours (or less) to the latest backups that work.
  • Design and Content Worksheet – this is guideline that runs between 6 and 25 pages long that spells out the client’s requirements for the site and what Web Design WorkPlace is offering to deliver and maintain and all the prices involved. Although it’s a guideline for building the site, it usually serves as a “creative contract” for the purposes of defining contractual obligations of both parties.
  • We do not offer SEO on any site that we didn’t build. The minimum SEO contract we offer is $10,000 and in comparison to the big box vendors our service is better and a fraction of their price.


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